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About X-Brands Nordic

X-Brands Nordic is the fastest growing supplier of innovative and premium brands to the Nordic market within summer sports, winter sports, sports-technology, and restitution.

X-Brands Nordic strives to have the market’s most exciting product package and seeks to represent the most innovative brands in the product areas we operate in.

X-Brands Nordic shall be one of the best professional environments in all the industries we operate in, and we place great emphasis on professional competence and training within our product range. We want to give our customers and Brand partners predictability, openness, and constantly new market opportunities.

X-Brands Nordic shall also be the leader in the category development of innovative products in the Nordic market and aim to be one of the most attractive suppliers for both resellers and the brands we represent.

Our mission is to be a competent distributor with passionate people that provide high-quality products to improve performance for increased experience and fun.

X-Brands Nordic has long experience and unique competence combined with a supporting network of people and adventurous ambassadors with interest, passion, and a long track record for sports and performance.

X-Brands Nordic is constantly scanning global suppliers to provide new innovations to retailers in the Nordic market with a high focus on innovation and excellence for premium customers.

We are constantly looking for innovative brands and products, so send us an email if you have suggestions of brands that can fit into our family of brands.

Our Brands

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